and inspiring

Deeatra K believes in the universal survivor within each of us.

It is through her infectious ability to connect with diverse audiences that her lived experience, field expertise, and colorful storytelling capture the hearts and minds of all who hear her message.

Take your next event attendees on a journey from pain to purpose, with a renewed enthusiasm for endless possibilities. Deeatra is a powerhouse of knowledge, energy, passion, and creative perspective that will stir the soul and engage mindful change.


Leave a Lasting Impression

Deeatra K will deliver a dynamic, high-energy, keynote program that will transform your audience from observers to doers.

From Workshop to Wellness

Whether your audience will use what they’ve learned for their own growth and personal benefit or take away perspectives and knowledge to help others, Deeatra K’s message applies to self-improvement, the treatment of others, or corporate wellness.


Speaking Topics

How is it that each of us start life with the same basic needs, yet in a relatively short period of time, find ourselves with differing perceptions and expectations of the world around us and how we fit into it? Explore the simple truth behind psychological pain and how you can rekindle the spark of hope that resides in each of us.

Topic one

The Gifts of Mental Illness and Second Chances

The topic of mental illness can often be complex and confusing. From situational to chronic classifications, the stigma associated with mental health disorders often stems from misdirected social beliefs. Enter a unique perspective on the topic of mental illness, the influence of internal and external communication, a simple to understand path from illness to wellness, and how to fully embrace the infinite value of second chances.

Topic Two

Life Beyond Suicidal Thought, Behavior, and Action

Journey through the initial and advanced stages of suicide ideation, the complexity of behaviors, and the internal, instinctive desire for life. This message connects on a very personal level with audiences of every kind, recognizing that we are all survivors of something, and how the prevention of suicide has much more to do with how one is empowered toward living than how to keep someone from dying. Walk the steps of a true survivor story that will reshape the way you view bad days, the term “crazy”, and desire for uncovering the upside to any adversity, especially in your own life.

Topic Three

Inside the Suicidal Mind – A Guide to Improved Outcomes

Dive into the mind of a suicidal individual for an up close and personal view of shattered and distorted realities. Designed for medical, psychological, first response, and law enforcement professionals, participants will walk away with a greater understanding of the suicidal mind during crisis. This step-by-step journey through the mental transition of suicide ideation, attempt, survival, and recovery, is shared as only a survivor can convey, leaving you with real-world skills and tools to reduce personal strain on you and your team while improving patient outcomes.

Topic Four

Healthy Team. Healthy Business.

Creating a healthy, profitable business begins with the team it employs. This keynote presentation or workshop blends the best insights and activities for understanding what your employees’ value most. Learn how to influence their vested interest in the company, ensuring greater retention, productivity, and profitability. Achieving “Wellness in the Workplace” is much more than a measure of physical health. It is a combination of seven parts; psychological wellness being the greatest of all. Learn how to motivate and empower others to achieve your (and your teams) greatest potential.

Topic Five

Not You? – Why Successful People Die by Suicide

Reshape everything you thought you knew about the topic nobody wants to talk about – suicide. Expand your understanding of what suicide is and isn’t. Then explore the complexities of the human brain and social influences of common belief systems. Learn how to identify a shift in perceptions, interests, and behaviors among those in positions of power, leadership, and influence, and how the terms “success” and “suicide” are more closely linked than you might think. Suicide doesn’t discriminate and what you learn in this presentation/workshop may just save a life; it could be your own.

Deeatra was real, honest, and opened her heart

Deeatra was real, honest, and opened her heart, allowing others to feel safe, connected, and empowered. The greatest part about having Deeatra as our keynote speaker was that you didn’t want her to stop. It was like talking to a friend or your dearest sister; that’s how lovely she is.”

Aaron Rasch

State Coordinator,
Independent Living Resources