Three Steps to
Selecting Your Speaker

Hiring the right keynote speaker or workshop presenter is no easy task. Having planned and hosted well over thirty business events myself, I know firsthand the challenges you face. I can also appreciate how imperative it is that the person you choose is:
  • well respected with a reputation for attracting attendance;
  • inspires positive change through effective storytelling and clear messaging and;
  • leaves a significant, meaningful, and lasting impression on your audience.
The entire tone and energy delivered, leading up to and during your event is set by who you choose. Further, the time and effort you expend will be greatly affected by the experience and attention to detail your speaker brings to the planning process. To simplify your speaker selection process, I’d like to share the three simple steps I’ve used when choosing a speaker. Follow the steps below and CLICK HERE to download your FREE copy of my “Speaker Qualification and Selection Tool.” I sincerely hope this information eases your mind and gives you the confidence to fearlessly explore your talent options and select the one that will “partner” with you, ensuring you and your event attendees the best keynote experience. STEP 1 – Set your goals; define the specific objectives you would like your speaker to meet or exceed. For example, if you would like your speaker to provide a social media video, personally inviting your targeted audience to register for your event, list that as an expectation. You may want to achieve a minimum number of attendees, offer a meet and greet after your event, or need to stay within a specific budget. Write out your goals and identify the three that are most important to ensuring a successful keynote address and overall event. STEP 2 – Invest time into researching qualified candidates through online search and asking others familiar with your industry for recommendations. Get clear on what you consider ideal in a candidate including demonstrated topic or industry knowledge, personality and delivery style, stage presence, energy level, and ability to deliver a message that will resonate with your audience and set your event up for (or build upon) your success. Review website and social media content including testimonials, video clips, topics and industries represented, and what makes them a qualified expert in the field or on a specific topic. What makes them unique and how do they connect with an audience (inspirational story, humor infused message, new and expanded industry knowledge or perspective, and so forth). CLICK HERE for a printable version of the “Speaker Qualification and Selection Tool.” Use it to collect information and help simplify the process of selecting your top three to five contenders. STEP 3 – Schedule and interview each of your leading candidates, if possible, via video conference so that you can establish a face-to-face report. Ask questions that reflect your desired outcomes (see STEP 1). Ask them to share what the experience of working with them will be like (step-by-step if possible). Ask how, specifically, will they add value to your event? Pay attention to how each one makes you feel, engages your curiosity, and fully addresses each of your questions. Which candidates stir a sense of confidence that they will connect with your audience, honor your event theme, set the pace and energy level you want your attendees to experience, and achieve or exceed the goals you have set for the event. Organize and record your thoughts and each interview response using the FREE “Speaker Qualification and Selection Tool.” Once populated with details derived from STEPS 1, 2, and 3, compare the results of all speaker candidates select your top pick. If you have any questions about the “Speaker Qualification and Selection Tool,” the steps outlined above, or share your interest in how we can partner together, CONTACT ME here. I look forward to hearing from you, answering your questions, and exploring the opportunities that lay ahead.