Hello! I'm Deeatra

Real. Honest. Passion.

I have been described as a powerhouse of energy. If you’re looking for a memorable experience with long term results, I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s join forces to deliver a healthy dose of serious content and a splash of infectious humor to hold your audience or team’s attention while inspiring positive change. I promise to speak to their hearts and engage their minds through purposeful emPOWERment.

“If you are looking for a solid leader and speaker with passion, knowledge, energy, and experience then Deeatra K is that person.”

– Scott Moore, Wellspring Community Church 

Changing the Landscape of Suicide Prevention

Most are familiar with the excellence of TED and TEDx talks. I’m honored to share that I was selected from an extensive list of quality candidates, to give a compelling talk and “idea worth sharing.” It is my goal to share a meaningful and memorable message that connects with your heart while offering an innovative approach to suicide prevention. I’ve been told, my life is a testament to the strength within the human spirit. Please join me and you be the judge.

UPDATE: Originally scheduled for April, 2020 – COVID19 has postponed until Spring, 2021. Stay tuned for further details.

Deeatra's Story - In Her Own Words

More than a speaker, author, or advocate

Before I get into the journey that brought me into the keynote, trainer, and workshop world for sustained wellness and suicide prevention, I’d like to share a bit about my experience in event planning. A quick visit to my LinkedIn page will reveal a deep understanding of sales, leadership, operational development/improvement, and marketing. Beginning long before I took center stage, I found myself organizing small and large personal and professional events. When I say that I understand the stress and responsibility that rests in your (Event Planner) hands, I mean it. I’ve been in your shoes, organizing a variety of simple and major team, industry, and community events.

It is my goal to make your job easier. By working in partnership with you, I am happy to assist in establishing goals, developing promotional messaging/tools, and measuring your event outcomes. Let’s get to work, creating an event that makes you look good and leaves your participants transformed in memorable, meaningful, and actionable ways.


It was more than thirteen years after having survived a severe suicide attempt that I first shared my story publicly. The greatest secret I had ever held was now known by more than 150 strangers and friends alike. What the heck was I thinking? I was exposed and a familiar fear settled in like an old companion, followed by an unexpected sense of relief.

As a business owner, I had worked endless hours and taken many risks. Little did I know, I had a great deal more to learn about true, unadulterated risk and vulnerability – especially if the subject at hand had anything to do with mental health, suicide, failure, or the like. Any amount of ego I had that night was quickly stripped away. It was on that stage in 2014, I set my own pride aside and spoke my truth with passion and purpose. The lessons learned since then have transformed my life and the lives of countless others. I am grateful for the journey and the opportunity to connect with you here today.

My extensive history within the for and non-profit sector has proven helpful in acquiring the skills to deliver an impactful message that not only entertains but inspires changed perspectives, beliefs, and actions. My story is one of hidden secrets, shame, second chances, and endless possibilities.

Today, I use my own lived experience, industry knowledge, unique insights, and message of emPOWERment to connect with audiences in highly personal and inspiring ways. Whether on stage, at the head of a board room, leading a workshop, or talking one-on-one, I watch for body language, facial expressions, and active engagement. Are our participants leaning forward, taking notes, nodding, laughing, and responding to questions? I have found that the more authentic and open I am, the greater the response and long-term benefit to those I am privileged to share my message with.

Mine is a tribute to the gift of adversity, the power to rise above it, and the ability to share a message of hope, healing, and sustainable wellness for individuals and organizations alike.


Let’s connect and explore the many opportunities that await.