Changing the landscape of suicide prevention

Deeatra explores the simple truth behind a suicidal mind and how you can rekindle the spark of hope that resides in each of us. Embark on a journey of story telling, fact discovery, and new perspectives founded in vulnerable connection, lived experience, scientific research, industry best practices, and inspired action.

Deeatra's presentation is life

In my own words

When I got deeply honest with myself and stopped judging the world around me while fighting for my place within it, I found the courage to get curious and everything changed.

Like everyone, I am a survivor. We all have a story. Like many, mine is filled with and endless cycle of trauma and triumph. I use my lived experience and skills as an infectious and colorful story teller to capture the attention of my audience, taking them on a journey of pain, purpose, and possibilities. I am a powerhouse of knowledge, energy, passion, and creative perspective.

In my own words

Beyond the stage or board room, I am a...

Wife (i’m an over achiever – 3rd times a charm)
Non-traditional Mom (2 sons, 1 step-son, 1 bonus-daughter)
Proud Nana (1 “perfect” granddaughter)
Pom Pom Mom (seven-pound Pomeranian)
Problem Solver (trial and error style mostly – celebrating the victories AND failures)
Creative Chef (no recipes means I can’t make anything the same twice – it’s always a surprise)
Gardener (outside plants only, please – inside plants don’t stand a chance)
Entertainer (dinner parties only – you don’t want me to sing or dance)
Painter (for fun, not display)

To truly change the landscape and improve short- and long-term outcomes for those affected by mental illness and suicide ideation, we must be courageous enough to disrupt the current model of treatment.

Deeatra K.

Deeatra was real, honest, and opened her heart

Deeatra was real, honest, and opened her heart, allowing others to feel safe, connected, and empowered. The greatest part about having Deeatra as our keynote speaker was that you didn’t want her to stop. It was like talking to a friend or your dearest sister; that’s how lovely she is.”

Aaron Rasch

State Coordinator,
Independent Living Resources

Hearing Deeatra speak sparked a deep connection, clarity, and inspiration in me that is hard to put into words. Her ability to connect with and inspire others using her emotion and energy is unparalleled.

Mettie Spiess, A World Without Suicide

I am...