“Deeatra was real, honest, and opened her heart, allowing others to feel safe, connected, and empowered. The greatest part about having Deeatra as our keynote speaker was that you didn’t want her to stop. It was like taking to a friend or your dearest sister; that’s how lovely she is.”

~ Marie Leafblad, Youth & Family Director | St. Luke Lutheran Church


“Deeatra’s energy is palpable. She gracefully shares her deeper story, notĀ for the purpose of shock value, but because she demonstrates how her life transcended with meaning. She genuinely exhibits the hope she’s trying to instill in others; her message is both positive and relatable.”

~Aaron Rasch, State Coordinator | Independent Living Resources


“Hearing Deeatra’s story sparked a deep connection, clarity, and inspiration in me that is hard to put into words. Her ability to connect with and inspire others using her emotion and energy is unparalleled.”

~ Mettie Spies, Health Coach & Public Speaker | InspireHopeBlog.com


“In 16 years of attending this event, this was by far the best message and presentation we’ve had. As an Emergency Room professional, my mind has been opened to a very different perspective for dealing with suicidal patients. Thank you for your honesty, openness, and ability to capture and keep my attention long after tonight.”

~ Chris M., Emergency Room Nurse | Froedtert Health EMS Annual Banquet


“Deeatra’s message was more than just her story. I felt her struggles, passion, and encouragement to others. She demonstrated not only how she is making a difference but how we can all join her in doing the same. Quality night!”

~ Justin L., Guest Attendee | American Association of University Women Community Speaker Event


“Hearing you speak gives me a different view on my own life. Just because I’ve had a hard life or made bad choices doesn’t mean that I can’t succeed and be happy. Thinking about suicide doesn’t mean a life sentence.”

~ A.W., 17 year old female youth | Washington County Juvenile Detention Center


“Deeatra used her own experiences to connect on a very personal level while using facts and statistics to give credibility to her message. She was interactive with the audience, making it more impactful for me and my family. Her presentation will definitely help us continue the discussion in a more productive way.”

~ Jory D, Speaker Event Attendee