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How is it that each of us start life with the same basic needs, yet in a relatively short period of time, find ourselves with differing perceptions and expectations of the world around us and how we fit into it? Explore the simple truth behind a suicidal mind and how you can rekindle the spark of hope that resides in each of us. Learn how to embrace the upside to adversity and embrace every second chance you are given.

Topic 1  |  The Gifts of Mental Illness and Second Chances

~ A unique perspective on the topic of mental illness, the influence of  internal and external communication, and embracing the infinite value of second chances.

Topic 2  | The Suicidal Mind

~ Dive into the mind of a suicidal individual for an up close and personal view of shattered and distorted realities. This step-by-step journey through the mental transition of suicide ideation, attempt, survival, and recovery, is shared as only a survivor can convey.

Topic 3  |  Life Beyond Suicidal Thought, Behavior, and Action

~ A true survivor story that will reshape the way you view bad days, the term “crazy”, and desire for uncovering the upside to any adversity, especially in your own life.

Topic 4  |  Not You? – Why Successful People Die by Suicide

~ Reshape everything you thought you knew about the topic nobody wants to talk about. Suicide doesn’t discriminate and what you learn in this workshop may just save a life; it could be your own.